My Poetry

Waking Up - Blood Lotus Issue 24-25, September 2012
Woman, yielding - Pyrta, Summer 2012
Finding Baby - Pyrta, Summer 2012
Interview with Mark Stratton - Mark Stratton's blog AGGASPLETCH, April 2012
Breakfast Pairings - Referential Magazine, April 2012
Conception - Referential Magazine, April 2012
Losing a Husband - Referential Magazine, April 2012
Poetry I'm Not Liking - Referential Magazine, April 2012
Stage Four - Referential Magazine, April 2012
Back Story to "Flying Ant" - Rose and Thorn Journal's blog, February 2012
Affair - Rose & Thorn Journal, Winter 2012
Flying Ant - Rose & Thorn Journal, Winter 2012
Crafting Casas - Referential Magazine, October 2011
Working on Gone - Rose & Thorn Journal, Summer 2011
Decay - Rose & Thorn Journal, Summer 2011
Arthritis - The Houston Literary Review, June 2011
Blame the Poets - Yes, Poetry, August 2011
16th Street Baptist Church, 1963 - Flashquake, Summer 2011 (audio)
A Song for Jack - The Café Review, Winter 2010
Gone Fishing - The Café Review, Winter 2010


  1. I read most of these. My favorite is "Crafting Casas," but I also really appreciated "16th St Baptist Church."

    1. Hi Danny, thanks so much for reading my poems and taking the time to leave me your thoughts. I look forward to reading your blog!

    2. Thanks for the visit and I appreciate your kind remarks.


  2. I just read your April collection at "Referential Magazine." Very nice. My favorite is "Poetry I'm Not Liking." The ending hit my heart like a long sharp needle slowly piercing and sliding into a balloon without actually popping it. Well done.

    1. Thank you for sharing this with me, Danny. I'm happy the poem moved you. Much appreciated.