Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Memory of Water Giveaway

Those of you who follow along with my blog know the impact Jack Myers has left upon my life and my writing.  His new collection The Memory of Water is one I want to share with you and I am launching a giveaway contest for the month of August. (Please see the contest details at the end of this post.)  A touching review about his book is below along with a link to a few of his poems: 
I will be giving away one copy of The Memory of Water by Jack Myers, at the end of August. For the chance to win this extraordinary collection, you must take the following three actions:

  1. Follow my blog if you're not already.  Follow along with me as I work through my Portable Poetry Workshop Project, inspired by another of Jack's books. 
  2. Leave a comment for me below.
  3. Twitter and/or G+ a link to this post.
The winner will be selected at random and announced Wednesday, August 31st.  

I look forward to sharing Jack's poetry with you, Andrea


  1. Well I've already been following the blog, but now it's official.

    This, from "Cirrus" is just so achingly lovely: let my epitaph be
    the glance, the edge,
    the mist. The delicately
    attenuated swirl
    of an innuendo
    instead of the thunderhead.

    thanks for sharing it with us.

  2. Thanks, Nora. I have "Cirrus" up on my office wall. I would've loved hearing him actually read it.

    I appreciate your participation in the contest! I'm glad to have met you in this crazy "cyberspace" world.

    Have a lovely day, Andrea

  3. I'm officially following you now I won't miss any posts along the way. Amazed you have the energy to write a blog, and poetry, and work full-time.

  4. Thank so much, Jill! I think the writing parts help me to cope with the full-time job. ;) Do you have a blog?

    Sending a virtual hug! Andrea

  5. Count me in. I don't know how to G+ it, but I can Twitter it.


  6. Thanks, Evelyn. :) I have mixed thoughts on G+ thus are you liking it?