Monday, December 12, 2011

What Would Your Snapshot Be?

I'm a fan of The New York Time's "Poetry Pairing" series. This past week, Emily Dickinson's "Hope is the thing with feathers" was paired up with reader-submitted photographs as a "visual time capsule" of sorts. A creative and admirable pairing, I think.

What photo would you offer for this pairing?

Mine is a photograph of my Godchild Penelope creating her "mini-art" over the weekend. For me, she is a perfect pairing of hope and art in many senses of both words.


  1. I might pair the quote with a morning photograph of an empty beach, with the insinuation that each new day begins again our hope for whatever is beautiful for us.

  2. Oh, I can picture that in my mind. Thanks for the mini-vacation today. ;)

  3. Thanks, Katherine! It is rare when she allows a photograph to be taken of her...she always wants to take the photo!

    Enjoy your weekend. :)