Sunday, January 8, 2012

Poem Share and Other Good Finds Sunday

The poem I've selected for the week is "Poppies" by Jennifer Grotz. I came across the link to this poem along with a nice introduction by Ta-Nehisi Coates in The Paris Review. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. My favorite lines in the poem are:

when the moths perch on the white walls,
tiny as a fingernail to large as a Gerbera daisy
and take turns agitating around the light.

What does this poem say to you? Any favorite lines?

Other good finds of note this week are:

Today is Elvis Presley's birthday! Happy birthday, Elvis! Are You Lonesome Tonight?  I'll keep you company. ;)

I'm a big fan of The New York Times' "Poetry Pairing" series. This week Jill Alexander Essbaum's poem "Precipice" is paired with a philosophy blog and a painting about time. Is there anything else you can think to pair with it?

A friend of mine, Jill Klein, has a lovely poem out in the new issue of Grey Sparrow: "My Breasts are A-okay." I love the sound in this poem!

Goodreads is holding a 2012 Reading Challenge. How many books will you pledge to read this year? I'm shooting for 64.

A funny comic for the week shared by Richard Fenwick via his Twitter account: Chicken Poetry by Doug Savage

How does your week look? Wishing you an inspiring one!


  1. Love the visual painted by the moth lines, I can just see it, their flutter of wings.

    And I second Elvis' birthday wishes ... What a void his absence has left in the music world. On another blog, I just heard a "duet" of Elvis singing with his daughter Lisa Marie. I'm not sure if she sings much, but it would be nice to hear more of her voice.

  2. I like, "Love is letting the world be half-tamed."

    "you can feel the wing beats like an eyelid’s obsessive blinking open to see."

    So true what Ta-Nehisi Coates says about how the experience of a poem can change with repeated readings.

    I'm not sure how many books I'll get to, but I'm pledging to return to writing about them. I got away from that last year, jotting down thoughts when I finished a book.

  3. I agree with you on both of those...the eyelid simile is exquisite.

    I keep a folder of favorite poems and will revisit them throughout the year.

    I'm happy you'll be returning to your writing and hope you'll share in your blog!

  4. Great poem.choice :) I read her first book of poems and she now teaches at my undergrad school :) I love when a poet can write a longer poem and keep me engaged :) she does that

    1. I agree with you, Jessie. What was the name of her first book? May need to add that to my reading list. Can't wait for yours to be here already. :)

  5. First was "cusp" but looks like she had a new one in 2011 :)