Sunday, March 18, 2012

Almost Invisible and Other Good Finds

Mountain Biking Upper Loop Trail, Crested Butte, CO, USA
Image by via Flickr

Mark Strand has a new book out! I need to order Almost Invisible. It's on my wish list for now because I have too many books in the pile, but I may just have to skip over a few and come back to them! My poem for the week is Strand's "Harmony in the Boudoir" from this new collection.

A few other good finds from this past week:

Another book I can't wait to get my hands and eyes on: Jack Gilbert's Collected Poems 

"How to write a letter to a fan" by Roald Dahl

I love this flash fiction story by Tawnysha Greene in Dogplotz: "Woman Things"

What's going on in your world? What are your good finds of the week?

I'll conclude this post with a tweet that made me stop and reflect on my writing life (I need to listen more!) from Poets House:

We sit together, the mountain and me,
until only the mountain remains.
                      -Li Po


  1. I like that tweet. I could substitute "music" for mountain, thinking of when I'm listening to music at a concert. Same idea as the mountain ...

  2. I like that tweet, too. Very nice photo that you've chosen to go with this post, too! Here in Minnesota, I'd have to substitute "lake" for "mountain".

  3. Thank you for stopping by and commenting, Kathleen!

  4. Oh. That Li Po quote gave me chill bumps.