Wednesday, February 16, 2011

View from Her Deathbed

My poem for One Stop Poetry's One-Shot-Wednesday:

View from Her Deathbed

She didn't want to see
the buildings in the skyline.  She wanted
the trees, their sap misting upon her
face, her hands.  Not the view
from the rooftop patio outside
the penthouse, the one
from the porch where the ferns nest
and the fat cat naps.

She said buildings were machines
built to support illusions of progress where prayer
was banned.  Windows so high
people looked like frantic ants below
marching along to market, to cell phone
stores, to car dealerships, without paying
attention to the trees. Their branches growing
upward, reaching toward an unpromised
haven, hope directing
each trusting branch's extension.

She wanted to feel their breeze.

Feedback and suggestions always welcome.  Thanks for stopping by.

Smile, Andrea


  1. Very sad sentiment after pondering the title. Can relate. Hated living in apartment buildings. A porch out in the open air is so much more peaceful and enjoyable. Nice work.

  2. nice work and a rapid pace in the second stanza that want of real life before hers gone....well done..bkm

  3. Oh, I wrote about trees this week for One Shot, too. I like the idea of seeing trees near the time of death, comforting, really.

  4. I had to read this twice. Melancholic and sad.

  5. Thank you all for visiting and reading. Your feedback means a lot!

    Wishing everyone a wonderful day, Andrea

  6. Beautiful. Funny how we think we can plan the way we are going to die. We can only hope. Love it. Great insight.